Vibration absorber - 1/2"ODS

 Product Code  VAF-4
 Description  Vibration absorber - 1/2"ODS
 Unit  Each
 Notes Packless vibration absorbers function best when installed as close to the compressor as
possible, and perpendicular to the major vibration direction as shown to the right. For
optimum absorption of a vibration, the refrigerant line should be anchored at the end
VAF/VAFS furthest from the vibration source. Install Packless vibration absorbers
horizontally wherever possible. Care should be taken to allow sufficient space for the
vibration absorbers so that it will not be subject to static compression or tension after
soldering in place. Units should be installed in a straight line; they are not intended to
compensate for offset piping. Although high temperature brazing alloys
(having a melting point of 1625ºF) are used to braze the joint on the VAF models, care
should be exercised when making the sweat connection. The torch flame should be
directed away from the braid. Clean excess flux from the unit to prevent possible
corrosion and premature failures.

Connections - 1/2" ODS

Maximum working pressure - 43 bar

Burst pressure - 214 bar
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