Liquid level sensor - SHP20 - 3/4" NPT - Hansen

 Product Code  SHP20
 Description  Liquid level sensor - SHP20 - 3/4" NPT - Hansen
 Unit  Each
 Notes Due to the increasing cost of refrigerants and to governmental regulations concerning
the escape, leakage, and replenishment of refrigerants, more accurate and
sophisticated methods are needed to track and conserve refrigerant usage. The S
series level transducer probes are specifically designed to be inserted directly into
refrigerant receivers. They facilitate the continuous, accurate measurement of
refrigerant liquid levels. The information provided by these probes can help in
refrigerant loss detection and refrigerant inventory measurements. When used in
conjunction with alarms, they can warn of excessive or insufficient refrigerant quantity.
These probes can also be valuable troubleshooting tools, helping to quickly return a
refrigeration system to normal operation after service.

Insertion length - 487mm
Connection - 3/4" NPT male
Output - 0 to 5 Vdc
Supply voltage - 11 to 36 Vdc
Maximum working pressure - 27 bar
Operating temperature range - +10c to +65c
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